April 2019 – The new arrival

We mentioned to you in last month’s log book that we had been prepping for a new arrival, a ship’s cat. Well this month has been nearly completely taken up with this joyous new crew member and so without further ado let me introduce you to… Tebay our wonderful cat.

Meet Tebay

We’d spent a lot a lot of time trying to find the right cat for us and one that our lifestyle would suit and we honestly think we’ve round him. He’s 10 months old and was found abandoned in a box outside a supermarket with his sister. His sister and he were taken in by a kind gentleman and his sister was eventually adopted by the same man. Tebay however, was to brave and spent his time getting too close to the man’s dogs and far to close to the man’s birds and so couldn’t stay in that house. His loss was our gain though and we now have a brave and adventurous cat.

He can’t wait to explore

He’s named after our favourite motorway service station as a nod to our last few years living in a camper van and he’s already started getting used to living between the boat and the camper van with nights spent in both.

He adores running laps of the boat, playing with his bell toys, relaxing in his window hammock and sleeping on our heads. He’s a real character and can’t stop investigating (this sounds like I’m writing his dating profile). We won’t be letting him out of the boat until we get into May so he has a little bit more time to get used to the boat and us as his home and family but although it’s not been long yet we’re a pretty tight group so far.

My family

We’ll be writing a few articles for people interested in how to introduce a cat to a narrowboat as well as detailing for you all how Tebay settles in. Plus I promise you every logbook from now on won’t be cat focused, although I’m sure he’ll pop up in our stories from time to time.