December 2019 – All on board for Christmas

Remind me that these doors need repainting

If you whole month of December doesn’t revolve around Christmas celebrations then I just don’t think we can be friends! For us December is about celebrating with family and friends, enjoying time together wrapped up in blankets watching Christmas films and decorating our home for the festive season; and this year is no exception despite us being on our narrowboat.

Our kitch decorations collected over years

Thankfully for us, our fellow boaters in the marina also feel the same way and as such all the boats are adorned with lights and trees and so we felt right at home at the marina.

Getting into the spirit

One thing we’re discovering with narrowboating in winter, is just how terrible we are at not only keeping a fire burning all night, but also maintaining a reasonable temperature from our fire in the boat. One side of the boat is tropical in temperature and the other is practically freezing. I sense a weeks worth of forum reading and YouTube videos ahead until we can finally suss out how we can maintain a reasonable temperature on board.

Aside from that our winter aboard has been a success thus far, apart from the day we ran out of gas midway through cooking a roast dinner. Unfortunately we didn’t notice till we went to check on the contents of the oven only to find it completely out. Without any shops open until the morning we were forced to abandon our half cooked roast and opt for cereal for dinner. We learnt a valuable lesson on being prepared for when your gas runs out and always keeping a spare cylinder.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year brings you much joy! Happy Christmas from These Rolling Waves!