February 2020 – A month off

Believe it or not, Olivia and I do actually work real jobs, well usually. This month was in fact a month where both of us were between jobs and as such we had the month off together which was very much needed!

After a month away the rainbow means good times ahead

After Olivia spending a month away having some time together was great and it happened to coincide with the busy month for preparations on our allotment. Last year was our first year on the allotment and although we managed to grow a fair amount of food it really was a year of preparation. We had to dig up every inch of the plot, add manures and redig everything. And so while we grew some food we always knew that it was sorting things out for year 2, which is now upon us!

The digging starts again

February for us was all about digging, more digging and even more digging, for 2 people who’s house isn’t even on solid ground we sure seem to do a lot of digging. However how often do you get a month off of work to really get your spade into the soil. This year we’re going to be growing far more potatoes, beetroots, carrots, cauliflowers, broccoli and strawberries than we have done before. We’ve also been planning our roof top garden which will hopefully be a full salad in boxes, rocket, tomatoes, radishes and spring onions all on our roof ready for when we need a side salad in the summer months.

Growing plants is one of our great joys and so finding ways to do that while living on a narrowboat has been such a relief for us, here’s hoping our roof top garden will be a success this year, I’m sure we’ll keep you posted if it is, and if it isn’t then you won’t hear about it again!

Sleepy month on the marina

Other than that, it’s been a very sleepy month aboard the boat and in the marina, it all feels like we’re on pause until the summer months now.