June 2019 – Hot off the presses

This month saw our boat and us appear, both intentionally and unintentionally in the media, both printed and on TV! The first, and most intentional time was our appearance in Waterways World Magazine in a feature they were running on millenials on the canal. As little as I want to be considered a millenial I unfortunately am one and so when we were asked to be a part of their article we couldn’t really say no!

The editor of Waterways World Magazine had seen our website and our Instagram and thought we would be a good candidate to write about despite my protestations. As far as I was concerned we didn’t know anything about narrowboats and even less about being on the canals however she was insistent that people might find it interesting to hear a little from novices like us and as such we went ahead with the interview. You can see our little snippet below:

Our boat in a magazine!

Our second appearance was far less planned but no less exciting; we appeared on local news on TV, albeit in the background! When local news came to the canals to discuss the CRT’s new litter picking policy I was sat on the roof of the boat enjoying the morning sun and a hot cup of coffee. The camera crew and presenter passed me in a CRT work boat and before I knew it the camera was pointed at little old me and I was foolishly waving. Later that evening my phone lit up with friends and family saying they’d seen me on the news and that I looked like a right idiot, but then again there’s no change there!

Right after they filmed me having my breakfast

Fingers crossed the next month’s boating has less media attention 😛