March 2019 – A month of planning

We really feel like we’re in the swing of living aboard now so much so that we spent most of March making plans which are going to make our lives busier and more difficult, but that’s half the fun right?

Our first pickings from the allotment, rhubarb!

Before moving around so much we’d done a tonne of growing vegetables in pots in our respective flats and when we moved into our campervan we had to stop. Now that we’re laying down more roots by settling on a narrowboat we thought we could lay some more literal roots and so this month we actually got our allotment and started working on it. This consisted mainly of digging up huge amounts of strawberry plants that covered the entire space and wrestling with a free second hand greenhouse that was rusted together and so took a lot of jiggling and plenty of drilling to get down, now we just need to figure out how to get it back up!

Ready for the new arrival

The second bit of planning we started was for our potential new arrival onto the boat, a new crew member, a ship’s cat! We’ve been talking about getting a cat for a while but have been concerned that the lifestyle we lead wouldn’t be suitable to share with a little cat but after much deliberation and talking to our friends with cats of their own we realised that it can be done, it just needs the right kind of cat. With that in mind we started to visit rescue centres looking to meet the right cat to welcome aboard. It’s nearly impossible to go to a rescue centre and not want to come home with all of the cats but we had to be strict with ourselves because the last thing we wanted was to adopt only for them to be unhappy with having to live between a van and a boat but after a few visits we think we might have found just the little guy to move onto the boat and so the final week of March has all been about preparations for our new arrival and trying to squeeze all of the things you need for a cat into our small 40ft home.

We hope next month to be able to introduce you to our newest crew member and take you on a tour of his new home, until then, happy crusing!