March 2020 – Lockdown on the locks

What a weird month I’m sure you’d agree! When we started the month the challenge was going to be getting used to new jobs, new offices and new colleagues and within 2 weeks I’m working from home and Olivia is working for the NHS on pandemic relief.

Lockdown on a boat

Obviously the most important thing is that people are safe and if the lockdown can help then we’re all for it. It does mean that it’s looking less and less like our plans of summer cruising will go ahead and so we will have to start tackling the long list of jobs that need doing on the narrowboat. There’s a tonne of little things that we really should have done before now which we’re going to take the opportunity to fix so watch this space!

A little bit of excitement

Despite being stuck on the marina for the last 2 weeks of March we’ve still managed to see our fair share of interesting boat related things including a boat being lifted onto a truck from our very own marina. Having not seen a boat out of the water since our own survey it always amazes me to see them from this angle. That was at least an hour of excitement for us all on the marina.

Seen as we’re going to be stuck here for a while Olivia has taken it upon herself to get the front of the boat looking beautiful with the addition of our traditional flower display, much to the envy of our neighbours who I imagine will be following suit before too long.

Keeping busy

We’ll see what the next few months bring but we hope you’re all staying safe and are not missing cruising too much.