May 2019 – Birthday month

I don’t know if it’s a bit of a giveaway but May just happens to be the month where both Olivia and I have our birthdays. Not only that but there is also only 1 day between her birthday and mine, the day we call our shared birthday and one which we celebrate, often more than our actual birthdays! Therefore with that being said this month was really filled with celebrations and most importantly for our narrowboating adventures, a chance for us to entertain overnight guests from far afield.

Time to entertain

We’ve known for a while that this month we’d be having family flying in from both Northern Ireland and from Germany and so preparations were afoot to figure out the optimal sleeping set up on Toby. We of course have the master bedroom which will sleep two people but we also have a sofa which converts into a double bed and so a day was spent trying to figure that out only for us to decide that we should just stay in our campervan where we know we’d be comfortable (having lived in it for the previous 18 months).

This however, presented a whole new set of challenges, specifically introducing Tebay to the campervan and making him feel at home. We used the same techniques we had written about in our article “Living aboard a narrowboat with a cat” and applied these tips where we could and before you know it he was treating the van as if he’d lived there all his life! A very promising sign for when we want to go on holidays in our campervan together.

Getting used to vanlife

Family arriving meant a chance for us to go cruising, to cook and eat delicious foods and to drink plenty of wine. All of the above are some of the main reasons we wanted to start this lifestyle in the first place, an opportunity to do all of these things from the comfort of our own home.

Cruising with the family

As cruising season approaches we’re noticing the marina we are staying in become quieter and quieter and the canals themselves becoming busier and busier. We hope that June affords us the opportunity to go cruising more, albeit probably not straying too far from our marina.

One last thing for this month, we’ve been dabbling at making some videos (we’re not pros so don’t expect much) which show more about narrowboat life so we’d love it if you subscribed to our YouTube if you want to see more!