November 2019 – A noisy neighbour

November really was a month of change for us, the loss of Tebay coincided with the changing of the seasons on the towpath. As our mood from the summer disappeared in tears of mourning, the leaves on the trees turned golden and dropped all around us.

Autumn is well and truly here

We’re firmly back in our marina now for the winter months and are beginning to get settled into life without a cat around. Thankfully for us, we have a new neighbour who has moved in who is making as much noise around the boat as Tebay used to. A single swan has found it’s way onto the marina and has moved in for the winter it seems. He spends his time knocking on the side of the boat looking for food and squawking at me aggressively every time I walk passed, so he fits right in with my other neighbours!

Our new neighbour

The wildlife around the boat is one thing we never really thought about before we got into this lifestyle. It’s far more abundant that we ever expected and something that you really come to appreciate. Whether it’s the ducks floating around, the spawning fish kicking up against the reeds or the countless types of birds hunting in and around the canal. People really should talk more about that when they’re discussing living aboard a narrowboat I think.

It’s nice to be sat aboard our boat watching the seasons change around us, the colours of the autumn leaves is a wonderful sight to wake up to and although the towpath is now a muddy mess, I can’t help but enjoy living along side it on some crisp autumn days.

Boat work has all but some to an end for this year, our attention instead turning to our first Christmas aboard and preparations for boat decorations and celebrations with friends and family. We have little doubt that the majority of gifts we receive this year will be narrowboat themed but we’re ok with that!